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Welcome to Fearsome 4 Productions

The Fearsome 4 were spawned one late October night in an Atlanta Waffle House.

Combining the sick, twisted talents of actress Melanie Boyd, actor/producer Jack Charlop, writer/director David Lindabury, and wardrobe designer Valerie Parker, this frightful quartet joined with a host of talented horror cast and crew to spit out the redneck spoof Skankobite.

And the rest is history. A short history, indeed, but one that's growing to include more strange and wonderful films.

In post-production is the horror short Trafficking, about a courier who's stuck in rush hour gridlock and finds himself stalked and tormented by someone or something that really wants a mysterious package.

Now released to the festival circuit is our latest, Day Labor, a short comedy which finds two latino workers hired for an unexpected job.

Stay tuned and see what else we cook up for you...